How to Increase Town and Castle Loyalty in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Mount and Blade Bannerlord

As you build out your newly formed kingdom in Mount and Blade Bannerlord, you’ll start to realize just how big of an undertaking it is. The process of upgrading and defending towns and castles is a lot of work. You need to constantly pump gold into these holdings to be able to defend them. Building new territories up is a great way to make money, assuming you can keep them loyal. In fact, town and castle Loyalty in Mount and Blade Bannerlord is one of the most important elements in the management part of the game.

How to Increase Town and Castle Loyalty in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Loyalty is mostly a measure of how well you’re managing a holding. The more attention you pay to a settlement, the more prosperous it becomes. This usually means you can get better quality recruits and more money from the holding. If your fief has a low Loyalty rating then it will take a longer time for the town to grow, which in turn penalizes the growth of your entire kingdom. Some of the things that can affect the loyalty level are:

  • Food supply
  • The main character’s culture and perks
  • Security

There are a few key ways to keep towns and castles loyal in the game. The most important thing is to stay on top of defensive and food-based upgrades. Having the proper upgrades on town walls can also help when your holdings inevitably come under attack.

Appointing a Governor

There’s a lot to manage in this game. Sometimes, you just don’t have time to keep track of it all. What about having someone else manage it for you? The culture of your governor is the most important element for a direct increase to loyalty. Lesser impacts can be felt from their competence at the job. WHen picking a governor, look at the stats page for the settlement. If see a negative for “Governor’s Culture” on the tooltip, try to find someone else.

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Building Certain Projects

Everything in the settlement management game is balanced around having multiple tiers of upgrades. Players will have to pick and choose whether they want to pour gold into building new Security structures, or directly investing in the economic prosperity of a town or castle. Open the Manage Town/Castle menu and you will see various options within the construction queue. You can also manage the daily setting for Fairs, Irrigation and more. Hovering over the stats in this window will show you the rating for each area. You want to keep a close eye on the stats for each settlement.

How to Increase Town and Castle Loyalty in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

The Fairgrounds is one of the best options. This building will increase Loyalty by 1, 2, and 4, depending on its level. These projects have a notably positive impact on Loyalty in Mount and Blade Bannerlord:

  • Walls
  • Militia Buildings
  • Granary, Orchards and other Food buildings
  • Fairgrounds

Other Options

Lesser effects can be felt from perks. Character Perks can also come into play when looking to increase Town Loyalty and Security in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. You can squeeze some extra bonuses by picking the Parade Perk in the Charm tree (which grants settlements you visit +5 loyalty once per day) or the Security Perk in the Leadership tree (which grants +5 security per day while waiting).

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