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Inventory space In Bugsnax is pretty important. As you venture across the island of snacky bugs trying to catch all 100 of these critters, you will collect various other things as well. At the beginning of your adventure in Bugsnax, you will need to do some management. In the beginning, you only have to deal with few lures and other types. The game will very quickly fill up with random junk though. Players will very quickly need to expand their inventory space In Bugsnax.

A few hours into the game, you will be sent to talk to Gramble at the center of town. The main town tour begins from here, as the basics of the game are explained to you. Just go along with and follow the quest markers for now. Gramble will give you a few basic quests right away, mostly to gather basic resources and the like. So now do that and get going onto the next objective.

When you finish the first quests he gives you. Gramble even throws you a nice party. Head back to town to get going on the real adventure after the party.

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Gramble will then hand you the main quest of the game, catching Bugsnax. You will have to use lures and clever wits to get these snacks into your Snakpack. And eventually, you will run out of space. You will then be able to undertake the ‘Empty Nest!’ side quest, this will offer inventory upgrades for every batch of Bugsnax you hand in.

For putting any six Bugsnax into Gramble’s donation box, you will unlock the first inventory upgrade. Now you can complete more quests to further upgrade inventory space In Bugsnax. To upgrade your Snakpack to 12 inventory slots, you’ll need to donate 12 Bugsnax. The final inventory unlock involves 18 of these bugs, giving away that many will grant you an additional 18 slots.

With that done, you can head back out of Snaxburg and start catching many more bugs.

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