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How to increase faction influence in a territory in New World

How to get fish filets in New World

New World Factions are a big part of Amazon Games’ MMO, but who to join and the benefits for doing so are a bit esoteric. The crux of the system is Companies. These player groups are the basis of the faction system, and are the rough equivalent of a guild in other MMOs. The reason for this is that the rewards for increasing faction influence are based on how much a company works together and contributes. Factions and their member Companies contribute together toward dominance can get greater effects by pooling manpower. Companies that helped out the most get bonus rewards and currency. Faction shops offer discounts to loyal Companies, so get out there and help out.

The Main Factions Explained

When you’re out in the game world, you might want to know what kind of factions there are. Right now, there are three main factions in the game.

  • The Syndicate:  The scientific organization trying to unit the world and build a new age of enlightenment in their new empire.
  • The Marauders: A militarized group of warriors that thrive on conflict. Players in this group love war.
  • The Covenant: A zealous religious order that seeks to route out corruption and other such nonsense.

After you’ve spoken to the three representatives, you’ll need to pick one of the Factions to join.  Pick a faction that you like, and when you join, you will try out a basic mission to get into the faction. Once you complete the tutorial mission, you’re formally in the faction. Once you’ve joined a Faction for the first time, you can immediately change to a different one through your character’s Bio screen. You cannot join a new faction within 120 days though, so keep that in mind.

When trying to raise faction influence in New World, you have two mission types you can take: PvE and PvP. The PvP missions are the only way to take new territory. You can augment and improve existing territory with the PvE ones. You can get bonuses like cheaper fast travel, lower Workshop costs and more.

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There are a few things to remember. While completing PvE missions, you cannot flag down for PvP or attempt to fast travel. This is designed to make players invest artificial amounts of time into the factions system. To stop players from gaming the system and speedrunning the missions, these roadblocks were put in. If you do flag for PvP during a mission for factions, you will fail said mission.

There are PvP faction missions, just make sure to ask the recruiter about the right mission type when leveling up your faction influence in New World. The PvP missions often focus on fighting other players, obviously, so you will want to take these more seriously. Enemy players will be part of these missions, so expect some combat.

As you finish off more faction missions, you can even declare war on other factions. Once your faction has 100% influence in a region, they can declare war to claim nearby territories. Each territory captured and controlled by your faction stacks on more rewards.

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