How to heal Pokémon in a Dynamax Adventure in Crown Tundra

How do Dynamax Adventures work in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra?

When you first start Crown Tundra, you will eventually run into something pretty challenging. The new Dynamax Adventures are no cakewalk. These Dynamax Adventures task you and a small team of Trainers with taking on a series of Dynamax battles to try and catch a Legendary Pokémon. It’s much more challenging though as there’s tons more strategy involved. You’re given a team of rental Pokémon to use for the run, so you won’t have your super OP competitive team to fall back on.

The problem is, you’re not going to get by with just dumb luck. You won’t be able to use healing items normally during these fights, just like in Max Raid battles. Instead, you have to switch out the Pokémon you’re using for a new one at certain times. You can swap out your fainted monsters for different ones via the Scientist randomly found in the caves, although the result is random.

Your Pokemon’s HP and PP will carry over after each battle. You can also trade the fainted rented team member out for a monster you just caught, but be sure to keep in mind type advantage when doing this.

You may find Berries which can be fed to heal your team, but these are pretty rare. The other random spawn is the Backpacker NPC, who gives a member of your team a random item to hold. Usually this offers some kind of buff to certain move types.

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So if you want to farm as much Dynite ore as you can, you need to work on your timing. You need to also plan out your movements. You can only swap in another Pokémon at certain times. You need to be careful of what paths you take so you don’t get caught out with the wrong Pokémon.

Some players will want to rush for the shortest path, but that can be a trap. There may be tougher challenges or battles you’re weak against on that path. You can scout ahead a bit to plan your route, and you really should. Taking in a bunch of weaker Trainers will make this harder, but you can still overcome it if you use the right timing for swapping better choices from your team.

You will have to fight your way through multiple Dynamax Pokémon so this isn’t going to be easy. And since you don’t have your regular inventory. Move boosts and healing items aren’t readily available. If you’re skilled though you can challenge legendary Pokémon waiting in their lair at the end.

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