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How to heal in Roblox Titanage

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Fighting Titans is hard work. And in the brutal world of Attack on Titan, there’s a ton of targets to take down. Players are going to get injured when fighting these giant monsters. Lucky for you, there’s a way to remain on the battlefield. You can heal pretty easily. So when you need to heal in Roblox Titanage, here’s what to do.

How to heal in Roblox Titanage

The game offers a few options. so you don’t always have to pick the same one. The best way to do this is to visit the Medic NPC you will find around the map. These NPCs will heal you for a small fee in in-game currency. Players need to pay 150 cash for each heal. Players who are investing in other skills can heal via this method.

There is another mode though, and that involves the skill trees. Yes, there are skill trees in this game. Every player in Roblox Titanage will have the option to invest in one of the four available skill trees. The skill tree paths include medic, soldier, supplier, and commander. Anyone who wants to help themselves or other players can invest skill points into the Medic tree to unlock some useful abilities.

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This means that it’s a very good idea to get together with other players. Teams of players with assigned medics tend to stay alive much longer. Having a player on your side with the Medic skill is a great option. If you have a friend who plays, try convincing them to join up with you.

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