How to heal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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The combat in Mass Effect is challenging and tons of fun. You’re going to be darting from cover-to-cover dodging plenty of fire. You also have to run from a bunch of people with psychic powers, it’s very hectic. The fun part comes in when you conquer each encounter. And as your characters get more powerful, they earn awesome new abilities. But sometimes, things get too overwhelming. Sometimes you need to heal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition to be able to stay in the fight. Various weapons and abilities allow you to stay in combat. Here’s how to heal in the games.

Here’s what you need to do to heal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

For the first game, healing is a triggered ability. When you want to heal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition you need to press a certain button. On console, you need to click the Y button for the Xbox and the Triangle button for a PlayStation. On keyboard and mouse, you need to press the V key to trigger a heal. Each heal takes up Medi-Gel. But that only applies in the first game.

There is something to be aware of when healing in this game. When you trigger a heal, it bases the amount healed on the skills you have in First-Aid. This skill, like any other in the game, can be very important to your success. For one thing, the game always calculates the amount healed based on the character with the highest First-Aid skill. That way you only need to focus on a couple of party members with some healing skills. Having a focused healer is really important for late-game success.

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When you need to heal in the first game in the collection, you need Medi-Gel in your inventory. When you trigger it, it heals up your party and lets you keep fighting. For that reason, you need to always have some Medi-Gel in your inventory. it’s always a good idea to spend some Credits and have some extras, if you don’t think you need them. There are also ways to upgrade your storage capacity for your heals. That takes skill unlocks throughout the game.

The later games in the franchise, specifically the second and third, will change it up. You no longer need to keep Medi-Gel on hand and it’s a much smoother process.

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