How to Heal Animals in Rimworld


Getting pets to help your pawns cope with the dangers and trials of space colonization is a great help. When you have a pet, you always feel better, so of course this iconic PC game has the same thing going on. Unfortunately, just like colonists, these creatures can also be hurt. Animals can be hurt in combat with both other animals and pawns. That’s not the end of the dangers they face either. The diseases and long-term injuries can be a danger as well.

The process for keeping animals alive and healthy is very similar to the one for your human colonists. When clicking on an animal pawn, click their Health tab to see any issues they’re having. A healthy animal will have 100% listed along the various modifiers on the left-hand side, and any long-term injuries or disabilities will be listed on the right.

How to Heal Animals in Rimworld

The process is pretty simple, but can be confusing to new players. When you want to heal Animals in Rimworld, you need to spend time making sure you have infrascture up and running. A few things you can are all about prep. Growing healroot in a Growing Zone is a great start. Any early colony should immediately begin growing this stuff to keep its colonists and pets healthy. You not only need medicine to treat them with, but you also have to have clean facilities to do so.

Be sure to designate some animal sleeping beds as medical beds for a basic setup. The easiest thing you can do is to create an Animal Sleeping Spot and define it as a medical bed. This will allow human pawns to rescue a downed pet and help them heal. The Health screen also has an option for deciding what medicine to use on your pet. The better the quality of the medicine, the more likely they are to recover successfully. The skill of the pawn working on them will also affect their chances.

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It’s worth noting that Animals skill is the one that has a greater impact on the health of an animal being healed, this is a bit different to the doctoring task with human pawns.

One thing to keep in mind is that animals can’t get joy to deal with pain and other issues like human pawns can. They can be helped by interacting with their masters, but they are at a higher risk of going manhunter if left unattended.

Once you have all the pieces in place, you can begin to heal animals by either having somewhat set to the rescue and animals tasks grab a downed pet, or you can manually trigger the process by selecting a human pawn, then ordering them to rescue and treat the pet. You might want to spend time learning how to queue tasks to get this process working efficiently.

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