How to Grow and Harvest Soybeans in Farming Simulator 22

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Soybeans in Farming Simulator 22 are just one of the many crops you can grow in the game, and they’re actually very profitable. They also are very easy to grow—they don’t have too many requirements. This guide will help lay out the basics of managing this process, and how to get the best yields from your crop. The first thing you need to do is gather your materials.  Here are the basic tools you’re going to need.

  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer (Solid or Liquid)
  • Lime
  • Small or larger Tractor
  • Cultivator or direct drill seeder
  • Seeder (if using a direct drill seeder, it does the cultivation and seeding in one step, but can’t be used with all crops)
  • Harvester with grain header
  • Soybean-compatible Trailer

The process for planting soybeans is pretty basic, just prep your field and then drop the seed in the ground. Then, you just need to manage the health of the field to maximize yield. The one other thing you may need to worry about is if you have seasonal mode turned on. Soybeans can only be grown and harvested in a certain time of year in-game. Make sure to select the right kind of seed when planting as well. When you’re ready and have all of you gear, you’re ready to get started. Preparing your fields for your crops is the first and most important, step in the game, and you really need to do it.

The basic idea is to pay attention to the states the field is in. Hovering the cursor over the field will give you a simple overview in the bottom-left of the UI. You may see “Needs Lime” or “Fertilizer 50%” pop up once in a while, this is your cue to get things right for planting. The basic idea is that every field exists in a certain state depending on the field prep in Farming Simulator 22 that’s been done to it. Players who only plow and then skip right to planting seeds are missing some steps in between—you don’t want to do this. If you want to succeed, you need all the yield bonuses you can get. The basic breakdown for yield improvements is like this:

Plow Yes No 15%
Subsoiler Yes No 0%
Fertilizer (2 Max) No Yes 45%
Cultivator No No 0%
Weeder No No 20%
Lime (Every 3 Harvests) No No 15%
Soft Roller No No 2.5%
Mulcher (After Harvest) No No 2.5%
Bees (2 Max+Sunflowers) No No 5%

The key with managing your fields in this game is getting the proper state on each section of your farm while maximizing yield. Do these things as aa general go-to to get things done quickly when planting Soybeans in Farming Simulator 22.

  • Fertilize the field twice
  • Plow the field prior to cultivation
  • Weed the field when you see the notification for weeds growing
  • Apply Lime every 3 harvests
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When you finish prepping your fields, things start to heat up. You will then need to wait out the process of growth, and harvesting when the field overview tells you to. Again, if you’re using seasonal growth, you will have a window to harvest that you must pay attention to in the calendar. Once the field is fully grown, take that harvester and unload your grain into a trailer. You can either store the items for sale later, or process them into various products. You could also use mods like Courseplay to get things going a bit faster. That can make managing all these steps so much easier.

What can you make with Soybeans in Farming Simulator 22?

The most common method for turning soybeans into extra cash is to turn them into animal feed. Soybeans can be turned into Chaff, then into Sileage, this is the most efficient use if you’re feeding Cows, as Sileage grants 75% efficiency in feeding with this production chain. It’s possible to take the soybean Sileage and turn it into TMR, but grass and other products must be turned into Hay first. In effect, it’s the same basic process for any crop to turn it into TMR, grass is just easier to come by compared to Soybeans. You could also feed them directly to Pigs, but it’s only 20% efficient, so it’s kind of a waste.

The only other thing you can do is to take the Sileage and turn it into Digestate, which can then be sold to a Biogas Plant for profit. And of course, you could just sell the soybean crop directly if you wish, although this won’t net nearly as much cash.

Keep in mind, that this guide won’t take into account any mods that add new production chains or change the feeding process, so if you’re running mods like that, you will need to do more research into those mods to figure things out. For the best short answer I can give when feeding animals, find the best way top mix TMR at 100% efficiency with what the mod gives you, and you’ll be fine.

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