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How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet

How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey To The Savage Planet is a very unique adventure game. With the mixture of RPG-like mechanics, interesting and varied terrain, and tons of hidden secrets, there’s lots to do. A big part of the experience in this savage nightmare of an adventure game is zipping around to various points, completing quests and unlocking new gear. One of the most sought after abilities is the means to grapple through the perilous terrain. This is accomplished by completing a certain quest chain and unlocking the Proton Tether.

How To Grapple In Journey To The Savage Planet

The majority of the progress in Journey to the Savage Planet is locked behind quests, and the same is true with the grappling hook ability. To start the process, you need to begin scanning objects. Press Up on the d-pad to activate the scanner and then press R1/RB to scan the object you’re interested in. Objects you can scan are shown on your HUD in a different color so that they stand out, making it easier to know which items you have already dealt with.

Eventually, you will uncover some shining pod-like protrusions, scanning these will reveal them as grappling hook locations. This in turn begins the questline to unlock the Proton Tether.

To get into the next phase, you need to begin the quest  “A Higher Calling”. This should kick off right after you complete the scanning requirements and turn in the scans. Completing this second quest will unlock the Proton Tether, the item oyu need to start zipping around the map.

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Follow the objective marker and it will lead you towards a gap that you need the Tether to get over. Reaching this point starts the “Jump! Jump!” quest. This quest will direct the player to the Glimmering Cave of Wonder. At the end of the cave you will find the items you need to unlock the tether. Head back to the gap and use the Tether to continue the quest chain. Upgrade your thrusters and then continue with the “A Higher Calling” quest.

That quest will lead you back to the Meteor Crater, which will be easiest to get to via the fast travel system, and then into a lava-filled chamber that leads to the Proton Tether shrine. Check below to find the way to that shrine.

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