How to give gifts to people in BitLife

How to complete The Elf Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with a new challenge this week in CandyWriter’s BitLife. With Christmas on the horizon a new challenge has landed. Players will have a big series of things to do, all revolving around being a big ole’ Christmas elf. The process is pretty complicated. But once you know what you’re doing it’s actually pretty easy. The game makes a lot of steps hidden in menus, so things can be kind of hard to figure out. The Elf Challenge in BitLife is the new one this week, and it involves being festive and cheerful. For one step, you need to give gifts to people in BitLife a total of 30 times.

How to give gifts to people in BitLife

The first consideration with this many gifts in BitLife is cost. When you buy an item, You will want to spend time improving relationships with all of your family so they don’t refuse your gifts. it can potentially cost thousands of dollars. You can go with cheaper gifts if you want, but they might get refused. Make sure to use the Spend Time With option at the bottom of the Relationships tab to do this each time you age up.

You can give gifts in BitLife to parents, brothers, sisters, children and more. And yes, even coworkers. Just make sure you have a good job for this part. You’re going to need a lot of money. Since you’re already trying to become a famous author, it might be a good idea to try and wait a few years. Once your writing starts bringing in cash, switch over to gift-giving mode.

You can also give gifts to your co-workers, although you might have to put some work in. The best approach in BitLife with giving gifts is to make friends first. Every person you know in a job environment has a relationship meter attached, and they will often refuse gifts if that meter is not full enough. Most people have found that 50% or more of a full meter seems to be the threshold.

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Once a coworker has been made a friend, give them a gift. Just keep handing out items until the challenge is checked off.

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