How to get Warmind Bits and Chipsets in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Season of the Worthy patch notes for Destiny 2 update 2.8.0

Warmind Bits in Destiny 2 are a new addition in the Season of the Worthy that ties into the Warmind AI storyline of the new expansion. The Warmind AI Rasputin has tasked players with helping to bring its bunkers back online to help deal with various threats that spread across the galaxy, and to do that you’re going to need two things in huge supply, Warmind Bits and Chipsets.

The expansion also introduced new story elements, some reworks to a variety of different Exotics, and a bunch of bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes for 2.8.0 and Season of the Worthy for the full details.

How to get Warmind Bits in Destiny 2

With Warmind Bits in Destiny 2, there are a couple of ways to get these tasty items. The most common ways that most players will reliably be able to farm are revolving around certain quests. The Daily or Weekly bounties that the Warmind offers are the first source of this crafting material. The Daily Bounties give out 50 or so of these resources, while the Weekly entries hand out much more.

The Seraph Bunkers scattered around the game world are the most common source for these items, although not directly. The first of these that most players will find is located near the Sludge spawn point on the EDZ. Head there and pick up some Bounties from Rasputin, completing these special missions earns you a small cache of Warmind Bits and Chipsets. Also be sure to check in with the Seraph Tower Public Event to earn some Bits for completing these quests, hurry though, as they are limited-time.

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The second and much more challenging method for farming for these items is to take on the high-level Legendary Lost Sector Adventures. These incredibly tough missions are meant for veteran players at 1,000 Light level or more, so save them for when you’re ready.

How to Get Chipsets

Chipsets are what are used to purchase and upgrade various aspects of Rasputin’s bunkers. When you purchase an upgrade you will earn a single Chipset. These are then traded back in via bundles of three or more to progress the levels of different upgrades.

Keep in mind that you will also need a steady stream of Planetary Materials and Legendary Shards to craft these upgrades. Be sure to keep checking the Bunker Upgrades menu for details on what crafting mats you need.

Additionally, you can buy 7 Chipsets at a time for 500 Warmind Bits, 5 Legendary Shards, and 5,000 Glimmer. If you budget your resources you should be able to get a few extra Chipsets this way.

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