How to get the Temptation’s Hook in Destiny 2

Temptation’s Hook in Destiny 2

The Tempation’s Hook is one of several new weapons added in the Season of Arrivals. It carries a lot of utility against bosses and other heavy-hitters. The weapon has decent stats making it a good general choice. The Caster Frame weapon has a powerful heavy attack that unleashes a wave of destructive energy. The energy attack pack tons of energy that rips through enemies. And if you come up against foes with elemental shields, they get shredded too. And if it rolls with the Vorpal Weapon perk, you have a serious boss-killer on your hands.

To get the Temptation’s Hook, you will be relying on Umbral Engrams. The Umbral Engrams have been added as part of Season of Arrivals, giving you a new source of good gear. These new items are the new chase item for those hunting Legendary gear, among many other things. And just like any other Season, you need to engage with a variety of content to farm them.

So all this means that you’re going to be playing a lot of  Strikes, Nightfalls, and Crucible matches. You will be farming for weapons and gear hunting rolls, so get used to taking on these tasks.

Once you get one, which could take some work, take it to the Prismatic Recaster. You will want to focus the Engram into a Pyramid-Focused Umbral Engram. This is the primary mechanism for unlocking the new weapons, like the Temptation’s Hook in Destiny 2, among others.

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You will be coming back here a lot. Upgrading the Prismatic Recaster by turning in Twisted Energy is really important. THere’s a need to earn tons of rewards for many players. Various perks of this system also make farming easier. And when it comes to Engrams, you can turn Umbral Engrams into Edge Focused Umbral Engrams by upgrading the Recaster.

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