How to get the Surfboard in Temtem


The Surfboard is an essential item in Temtem, this is what players use to travel through water in the new MMO. But unlike it’s inspiration, there’s no HM moves to keep on your party via an HM slave. Players will hear about the Surfboard in Temtem very early in the game, but you need to do a bit of trekking to find it. Because much like Pokémon, there’s going to be miniature quests and backtracking involved to find items necessary to progress.

The main reason to get the surfboard, aside from the ease of travel it provides, is that it’s necessary to grab some hidden items in the game. One of the most important items in the game requries the Surfboard, the Coward’s Cloak. And since there’s no EXP Share in Temtem, but there is another version of the idea in the Coward’s Cloak. This speeds up leveling a fair bit as it shares EXP with a third member of your party.

The first step to getting the Surfboard in Temtem is to find the store, Luisouvenirs. This tiny hut in Bircal de Mar has a seller who wants to see Temtem from the local area. Head out into the Prasine Coast near the town and catch any monster. Show your catch to Luis, and he will sadly inform you that he sold the last one.

His customer was the pro Tamer Sophia, and you need to find her. To find Sophia, travel to Arissola and find Sophia’s Dojo. When you arrive though, she isn’t there. Instead, you need to head to Windward Fort, past the Gifted Bridges. In this area you will find Sophia, talk to here and she will return to the Dojo where she was originally supposed to be.

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Now, you can return to Arissola and fight Sophia at her Dojo. Beating her will finally unlock the crucial Surfboard.

If you’re one of those new players in Temtem, you might be a little lost. If you’re having trouble grasping game mechanics, we have some help for you. Temtem is a monster collecting game very similar to Pokémon, so the there’s the need for a type weakness guide. There’s also a guide on the Starter Temtems. Other questions have arisen in the launch as well. Such as how you can play Temtem offline.

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