How to get the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

How to get the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

Hello Games has announced a new batch of content in No Man’s Sky. The latest addition to the exploration game is a new planetary vehicle that will enable much more exploration of the infinite alien worlds within the game. This patch has enabled the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky as a new item you can craft to take on your adventures.

To get started with obtaining this, see the Exocraft Technology Merchant at any of the Space Stations.  Iteration: Perses is who you want to see, ask about the new Minotaur. Once you have the information, head to the Space Anomaly and visit the Construction Research Station, from here you should speak to the Exocraft Dealer. Buy the Blueprint for the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky from this NPC for 10 salvaged data.

The Exocraft is kind of difficult to obtain, as you will need to farm for very specific resources to get it. Here are the resources you need to have in order to craft the Minotaur Exocraft in No Man’s Sky:

  • 5 Metal Plating
  • 4 Iron Battery
  • 100 Paraffinium

After you have it constructed, you’re almost ready to start blasting around like the Gundam of your dreams, OK not really. The Minotaur Exocraft will allow you to venture onto any toxic or otherwise dangerous planet without fear of the atmosphere or other issues getting in your way. It’s basically a really cool take on an environmental suit for the game’s next chapter. As players explore deeper into the randomized galaxy of No Man’s Sky, they may uncover a variety of poisoned planets that the new Exocraft can help them explore.

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Hello Games has yet to reveal what their plans for the game are going into  2021, but we can certainly expect more content soon. Who knows, maybe we will see a new series of dangerous species on planets that the Minotaur Exocraft will be useful in hunting down. So make sure you have the Exocraft and other tools loaded on your ship so you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

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