How to get the Migration Cape in Minecraft

How to get the Migration Cape in Minecraft

The migration of game saves and data can be a complex and annoying business. Players often avoid this if it’s too hard. Mojang being bought by Microsoft basically meant that this would be a problem for the Minecraft community at some point. To help ease the transition, Microsoft has done a few things. This guide will run down how to migrate a Minecraft account, and how to get a special reward for doing it.

How to migrate your Minecraft Java account to Microsoft

To migrate your Minecraft Java account to Microsoft, you will first need to log into your Mojang account. When you do that, you will be ready to begin. Start by going to the main Mojang website and logging into your account. Now, you want to look around and make sure you’er actually logged in. You will see your email acccount ID listed on the page if you are.

Once logged in, you should be taken directly to your profile, but in case you weren’t, you can find it, it’s very simple. To get to your profile click on your email listed in the top-right of the UI, then click Profile.

Once on your profile, you can look up at the top for the migration button. Click the green move my account button to begin the process of migrating your account to Microsoft.

Mojang and Microsoft will ask you confirm a few things, namely your email accounts. The codes sent to your email will need to be submitted. Once Mojang has emailed you the code, you’re ready to link it with the new account. Next, you will need to create a Microsoft and Xbox account. If you have one already for both, just log into the Microsoft account.

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So what do you get for doing all of this? You get a special item called the Migration Cape. This unique cosmetic is a nice little reward for going through this process.

How to get the Migration Cape in Minecraft

The cape has some very nice red styling on it, and can help enhance the look of some armor sets. So here’s how to get it.

After you have migrated your Mojang account over, you’re good to go. It may take some time, but you will get your Migration Cape added to your account. To change over to it go back to your profile. Open up your profile on the Microsoft site and click the Options button. There will be a Cape option listed, click that to scroll through the available capes you have unlocked. One of the options should allow you to use the Migration Cape in Minecraft.

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