How to get the King Tut Mask in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons second Summer update

With the release of the new fireworks and dream islands in the second Summer patch for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has added some new cosmetics to the game. One of these is literally a King Tut Mask. It’s a new DIY Recipe that creates a face item adorned with blue and gold, and it has quite the look.

If you’re into the idea of creating an island filled with relics from antiquity, this may be a good starting point. It would certainly go well with any player who really cares about their museum. So if you want to get this relic, here is how to get the King Tut Mask.

The DIY Recipe

Like all other DIY Recipes, you first need to unlock the mask recipe. You need to find a single gold nugget for that to happen. The King Tut Mask DIY recipe is unlocked after finding one by hitting rocks found on various islands. You just need to find one. And it doesn’t have to be right away either. The recipe hasn’t been locked to a certain timeframe like recipes from the last update.

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When you find that first nugget, the recipe should unlock automatically. Now it’s time to build the mask. The mask itself is pretty simple to build. You just need to gather five of those gold nuggets. Just keep hitting rocks until you get five of them. You won’t have to gather them right away though, as the recipe isn’t locked to a certain time like the previous updates.

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