How to get the Gorilla and the Fist achievement in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

There are many weekly challenges and achievements that can be earned in BitLife. The mobile life sim makes a pretty big deal of it all. This is one of the weirder ones, as you need to get decapitated by a gorilla to earn it. Yes, to complete the achievement, you need to get decapitated by a gorilla. Here’s what you need to do. Follow this guide, and you can earn the Gorilla and the Fist achievement in BitLife.

How to earn the Gorilla and the Fist achievement in BitLife

The first step is very simple, as you need to own a gorilla. That means you need to head around and find an Exotic Pet Dealer in the game. These merchants sell all manner of different exotic animals, including gorillas. You do kind of need to get lucky with RNG as well. The stock they have, as well as the price for some animals, can vary. Some countries outside of Africa have an extremely low rate of having these animals in the pet dealers.

To check, go to the Activities tab and look for the option Exotic Pet Dealer. From there, you can peruse the inventory they have in stock. You could try moving to a country in Africa to have a better chance of getting the animal you’re after. Keep in mind that you will need to have at least $50,000 saved up to buy such a luxurious animal. When you find one and buy it, it’s time to make it hate you.

Like every other pet and person in the game, the gorilla in BitLife has a relationship meter. Depending on how well you care for it, it may love or hate you. Gorilla really hate certain things, like taking baths. By forcing them to bathe over and over, you can make them hate you. Check this in the Relationships tab to see your progress.

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Once the gorilla hates you enough, it’s just a matter of time. If they dislike you, they are much more likely to attack and maul you. When that happens, you have a pretty high chance to die.

To earn the Gorilla and the Fist achievement in BitLife, you simply need to keep doing it until your gorilla either kills you or decapitates you.

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