How to get the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask in Fallout 76

How to get the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask in Fallout 76

The Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76 is back again. And players have a new set of decorations, recipes and other goodies to collect. Along with all of the other masks in Fasnacht Day, the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask is one of the rarer drops. Getting it will require a few runs of the hourly event, so be patient. Use the tips we have listed below to help out though. Using our guide can help speed up the process.

The key for this event is the parade that triggers each hour. During the parade, you will need to protect the marchers following the Master of Ceremonies. You should work together with the other players around to get as many marchers through the event as possible. The waves of enemies are pretty tough, but the real danger is the boss.

The megasloth boss is the final, and a Legendary, enemy. Taking him down will complete the event. To get the best possible rewards, you will need to have all five robots survive the battle. Having three or less will get some common and uncommon rewards, but no rare ones. One of these rewards can be the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask.

How to Get The Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask

After the parade begins, robot NPCs will spawn around the town. You need to run around and complete tasks listed below. Visit the various locations and NPCs to complete five of them. Do this while also defending the marchers.

  • Exterminating honey beasts attacking the Honey Haus
  • Bringing old Fasnacht steins to the museum
  • Play some music onstage
  • Decorating the barn
  • Adding wood to the bonfire
  • Donating radtoad eggs to the pantry
  • Donating intestines from animals to the Butcher’s Cooler
  • Donating beeswax from the Honey Haus to the Candlemaker
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Some general tips for maximizing rewards during the event, including having the best shot at the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask, to keep in mind. Players should start by familiarizing themselves with the tasks listed above. Knowing these ahead of time will save travel time. Start with the baker in the yellow house and their eggs. This NPC takes the longest time to reach, and you should knock that task out first.

And before the event starts, clear off any vehicles in the local area of the parade. These can explode and endanger various marcher NPCs.

Also, bring a shishkebab to heal robot NPCs during the fight. You need the Friendly Fire perk to heal them though. And speaking of healing, always check on the robots, even during the final boss fight. The minor NPCs that spawn as adds can still kill them during this phase.


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