How to get the Centerfire ship in Destiny 2

Centerfire ship in Destiny 2

Are you on the hunt for the Centerfire ship Destiny 2 this week? This new jumpship is yet another addition to the game, adding to the mountain of content added during the Witch Queen expansion. The Centerfire ship Destiny 2 is an exotic ship that Guardians can use to show off, or just have in their collection because they think it looks cool.

How to get the Centerfire ship in Destiny 2

The ship was supposed to be part of some reward tiers for the new expansion, but Bungie seemingly couldn’t figure out where to slot it in. Players were outraged that the new Exotic ship couldn’t be easily found. And after a fair amount of pushback, a response finally came down. “That ship is not tied to any seasonal reward. We’re investigating a way to give it to players in the future,” Bungie replied to a thread. It turned out that they were planning to put in a season-ending quest that players had to be around to catch.

Back during the previous season (Season of the Lost), players were tasked with an optional prologue to The Witch Queen in a seasonal quest. Players had to go on a very dangerous mission for Mara Sov and hunt down some lost Techeuns. This was all in the buildup to the war now ongoing against Savathun.

If you missed that seasonal quest, you won’t be able to get access to Centerfire ship in Destiny 2 right now. So while that sucks, there’s a chance Bungie could change this in the future. If you remember doing that quest, head over to the  H.E.L.M War Table to claim the ship. But if you missed it, it likely won’t be added back to the game for some time. Maybe Bungie will add seasonal drops toward the end of the season in new or rerun missions, but this is just speculation.

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That’s all you need to know about the Centerfire ship in Destiny 2. Season of the Risen already has a pretty cool jumpship to add to your collection, so try for that one as well. That’s called the Star Jasmine, in case you missed it.

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