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How To Get Omega Isotope In Warframe

How To Get Omega Isotope In Warframe

The Omega Isotope in Warframe is another new element brought in with recent patches. The Tenno have been trying desperately to defend their few remaining refuges from the Grineer. And now another Relay has come under attack. The players have to band together with the support of Lotus to take them down and protect what few homes the Tenno have left.

To bring down the enemy fleet, you need a special piece of gear. The Fomorian Disruptor is vital in the fight against the Grineer, but it’s not easy to come by.

How To Get Omega Isotope in Warframe

The Omega Isotope In Warframe is an uncommon drop from any planet that has a Fomorian presence active on it. The Fomorian spawns randomly on any non-Archwing node, so you will have to use your Alerts panel to find them quickly. Isotopes may drop during Alerts, Syndicate missions, Invasions, and Dark Sectors as well, their restriction only applies to Archwing missions.

You will know that the alert you’re looking for is active when you get a message from Lotus saying so in your inbox. When you see that message, it’s time to get started. You will also know the Relay is under attack by looking at it on the Star Chart, and you will see the giant Balor Fomorians around it.

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Players looking to slow down the Grineer menace will need to use Fomorian Disruptors to defend the Relays, these Fomorian Disruptors can only be built with Omega Isotopes.

The Omega Isotope In Warframe will drop from any enemies in mission nodes nearby to the main threat, so pick any endless mission for good farming chances. Take a Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, or Excavation mission for sustained farming of this resource. These missions should drop plenty of resources from that planet, as well as the Omega Isotopes.

Using The Omega Isotope

After you have farmed up enough Omega Isotopes head to the Foundry. From here, you need to take the Fomorian Disruptor blueprint that Lotus gave you and get building. It’s a very quick build, so just knock it out and get ready to go fight the Grineer. Once you have it completed, move on to attacking the ship

The final phase is to engage in a Sabotage mission against the Fomorian. This involves hitting the massive core of the ship and dealing a large amount of damage to it. These missions reward you an Orokin Catalyst and 200,000 Credits, so they’re worth doing at least once each time they pop up. The mission does require an Archwing though, and a good amount of DPS.

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