How to Get Nanab Berries in Pokémon Go

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In the mainline Pokémon games, there are many different healing and support items. Being a huge RPG franchise, there’s a lot of variance to these systems. One of the newer additions to the games was berries. These items can be held by monsters in your party to give them various buffs. They also offer healing effects too. In Pokémon Go though, they are used for a different purpose. The game uses them as bait to improve capture rates in the mobile game.

Some Berries can also be used for improving Pokémon stats and prepping them for contests. These berries, like the Nanab Berries, are pretty useful. Nanab Berries are a newer addition to the mobile game, making captures easier. These little morsels slow down monsters and make them less likely to dodge. The game says it “calms it down, making it less erratic.”

As part of the new Field Research Tasks for the Season of Legends, you need to use these items in encounters.  Here’s how to get Nanab Berries in Pokémon Go.

How to Get Nanab Berries in Pokémon Go

To get these berries and complete the challenge, you need to get kind of lucky. The Nanab Berries in Pokémon Go are not that rare, but you can only get them as rare drops. You can get them as drops from Gyms and PokéStops. Go around and spin the signposts for these locations to get various random rewards. You will get these Berry types from Level 4 or higher locations.

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You can also sometimes get some rewards from Gifts from other players, although Berries are usually a less common drop. Some Field Research Tasks will also reward you with Nanab Berries, but those are a bit unreliable. No matter what method you pick, you will need to rely on some random luck.

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