How to get more medkits in Crucible

How to get more medkits in Crucible

With the various game mechanics in Amazon’s new Crucible, the most important is healing. Since you have to wait for the respawn timer to expire and the drop pod to bring back downed teammates, there’s a very good reason to keep healing. There are various ways to heal damage as your blasting your way through the various foes on the map, but only one heals most damage, the medkit. The medkits in Crucible are your best friend as a result.

All Hunters in the game have a set, and relatively small, amount of health regeneration. Problems arise when this isn’t enough to recover from incoming damage. And it’s certainly not enough for when the fighting gets really intense and enemies are swarming in. So that’s where healing in Crucible comes in. The game gives you a few options for healing, but the best of these is the medkits in Crucible.

The best source for healing and medkits is to find the floating green dispenser droids. You will know them by the green body they sport as they float around the map. These robots give you medkits when you get close and interact with them. There is a short delay when refilling your inventory this way, making you a potential target. Also, you can only carry so many medkits.

Medkits in Crucible are the best healing item in the game, bar none. Make sure you’re safe when you use them though, as activating the ability can make you vulnerable to attack. If you’re in trouble, communicate with your team. Let them cover you while you retreat to a safe place to heal. A good team will help you locate medkits and cover each other while healing up.

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To use medkits in Crucible you need to press the G-key and this will activate the healing ability for the item. You can see how much health you receive from a medkit based on a small, green outline surrounding your health bar. Let this bar fill up to get the full effect and charge back into battle. The process of healing takes a few seconds, so don’t try to pop it during battle unless you have help.

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