How to get lure charges for the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2

Guide to the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2

The newest season of content in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt, has begun. And with it comes a new item that has a pretty big impact on the core gameplay loop.  When you speak to Spider to begin the Season, you will notice him talking about some new tech. You receive the lure by speaking to the Spider in the Tangled Shore and beginning the new season.

What is the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2?

The Cryptolith Lure is a new item added in the game with a very special function. It’s all about hunting Wrathborn, and there are plenty to go around. Activate it near a cryptolith to initiate a Wrathborn hunt, depending on the mods slotted in (reported as 2 Hive, Xillox and Dul Arath, and 2 Fallen, HKD-1 and Savek) you will have a different boss to fight each time.

The system seems to be predicated on using the Mutation Mods and other modifiers from your Cryptolith Lure to alter the states of hunts and other missions for different outcomes. The Cryptolith Lure is made by Crow, and has various Prey Slots on it. When you take on a bounty to hunt a  Wrathborn, you can alter the types of impact the Lure has by putting mods into it.

Many of these mods have limited uses, and require charges to use in each hunt. You can also have permanent mods as well that do things like giving more Recon data per hunt. This is useful as you can turn in Recon Data for reputation with Crow, who also has some interesting Bounties. Doing tasks for Crow and Spider can earn more upgrade slots for the Lure as well. There are seven upgrade slots in total to be unlocked through quests for the Lure.

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How do you get lure charges for the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2?

Your Cryptolith Lure needs charges to work though, here’s how to get them. Every time you complete a valid activity, you gain a portion of one charge. Completing a few runs in each activity will result in a full charge.  Your Cryptolith Lure can contain three charges in all. You can’t bank more, so once you have three, trigger a hunt to use one.

You can get them in three main sources:

  • Crucible matches
  • Gambit matches
  • Strikes

You don’t have to win PvP matches, just make it through to the end. It’s best to focus on farming new items while doing this as well. You already need to do Crucible to get the new Stars in Shadow pulse rifle. Gaining charges applies for both Gambit and Crucible regardless of if you’re a winner or not.

With the PvE activities, you can jsut make it through and get some charges. There does appear ot be a bonus reward for charging the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2 off the back of tougher missions though. Try taking down a tougher boss and see if your lure charges faster. If it doesn’t you do get some good loot. We can confirm that precision kills and boss enemies will reward charges when done right.

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