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How to Get Light Rations in New World

New World

New World has a ton of different mechanics and items to learn. By leveling up their Cooking skill, players get many different items they can cook. There are tons of boosts you can get that help out in all game modes. Some items give you mining or other gathering boosts. Other food dishes get players a bunch of PvP buffs. It’s a very useful trade skill. One of the first food item you will need to learn to make is Light Rations in New World.

What are Light Rations, and how do you make them?

The primary effect of eating this item is 40 HP per second for 20 seconds. They then grant 1% regeneration of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes. There is also a variant for magic users that restores MP. Energizing Light Rations are that kind, and use the same ingredients a the basic HP variety. Energizing Light Rations make you regain MP instead of HP. The Energized variant increases your health regeneration by 10% for 20 minutes.

You need to use either a Kitchen Tier 2 or Camp Tier 1 to make this item. It’s a very easy item to make as it just uses a T1 Raw Food item. You only need to be Cooking Level 1 to make this stuff. That makes it much easier to deal with. These are the current Tier 1 Raw Food items in the game:

  • Egg
  • Fish Filet
  • Game Meat
  • Milk
  • Mushroom
  • Nut
  • Pork
  • Poultry
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So get out there and start hunting.

If you don’t want to waste all that time gathering. But if you’re trying to speed things up, we have a few ways to help. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. If you want to know without having to fiddle with it, keep reading. If you’re hunting for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide for finding WyrdWood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space. You might want to hunt down other food items like fish filets, they’re super useful. If you need some healing help, you might want to find some Weak Healing Potions, or maybe something better.

There’s a bunch more stuff to learn about the basics of this MMO. You might also want to learn how to respec your build. There are also tons of materials you can gather and craft. There’s a lot of basic stuff like Rawhide and various basic ingredients that you need a lot of. Rarer materials like Steel and Starmetal are useful as well.

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