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How to get Honey in Wacky Wizards

How to make DNA potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards

There are tons of potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards. This massive puzzle game has a core mechanic of using alchemy to solve puzzles. You brew potions using various ingredients to make a ton of unique effects. Various potion effects are more desirable than others. Some offer healing or a big power boost, others can slow down time. Some have more subdued effects, like giving you pets and hats to take around the map.

The game has a bunch of different ingredients that you can gather. With each new update, the developers also add a bunch of new stuff to hunt down. Players will need to find these new items to brew the new potions. This guide will lay out how to find Honey.

How to get Honey in Wacky Wizards

The process is simple, once you know what to do. Here are the steps to find Honey so you can brew new potions

Find the Sleepy Bee –  To find the Sleepy Bee, you need to look around the trees. You need to find the beehives. They’re a vibrant yellow, so they’re easy to spot. You then need to use that Sleepy Bee in the Cauldron to make a Bee Disguise potion. Use that to turn into a bee.

Fly into that Beehive – Use you have consumed the Bee Disguise potion, it’s time to head inside the hive. You need to turn into a bee and find a sign that says “Bees Only” while in bee form. That’s where you need to go. You head into this passage and head towards the top of the tree. Find the Queen Bee within the hive and interact with her.

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Finding Pollen – Next, you need to bring back some pollen from a very specific source. You need to gather pollen from five flowers and return it to the hive while in bee form. Fly out and find each flower listed below, returning the pollen collected back to the hive.

  • The Cactus Flower is in the desert area of the map.
  • The Sunflower is on top of Oz the Wizard’s hut to the side of the map.
  • The Lava Flower is located at the top of the volcano on the giant mountain.
  • The Field Daisy is found all over the main area, look in the grass.
  • The Water Lily is found near the waterfall in one corner of the map.

After depositing the pollen from the Cactus Flower, Sunflower, Lava Flower, Field Daisy, and Water Lily, you will be rewarded with 1 unit of Honey inside the honeycomb area of the hive. You now have a repeatable quest to get Honey in Wacky Wizards.

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