How to Get Gold Coins in Valheim


There are lots of different items in the smash-hit Valheim. This Viking RPG has tons of depth, and plenty of monsters to fight. As you trek across the game world, you encounter various dangers beyond just monsters too. Other players can be pretty threatening to you or your new homestead. You will need some good weapons and gear to protect and support yourself. Gold in Valheim is pretty important too. You need Gold Coins in Valheim to actually trade for the items from the trader. And you want to do this as you will get some quite powerful stuff from that trader.

You make most of your trading in the game with Hadlor, a nice but reclusive fella. He sells all manner of rare and useful items. Some of his stuff is very pricey though. Although a lot of the gear he sells is really useful. You can buy Fish Bait from him for 10 Gold a set. You could also splurge and buy the Megingjord for 950 Gold. That rare belt allows you to carry 150 more weight when equipped. It’s a must-have for many players.

Anyway, first you need some Gold Coins before you can buy anything.

How to Get Gold Coins in Valheim

But before you can buy anything in the game, you need to get some Gold. Gold Coins can come from pretty much anywhere, as the game is chock-full of the stuff. You can find coins on monsters when you slay them, or from treasure hordes in various dungeons. As long as you’re careful with your adventuring, you will have plenty of ways to find money. You just need to get lucky and keep at it.

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It’s best to focus on humanoid enemies. Try farming the Greydwarves right by Hadlor if you need quick cash.

Some valuable objects also sell for quite a bit of Gold. Various jewels and rare items like rubies, amber, and pearls all fetch a nice price when traded in. Keep in mind that you need to haul these things around, so they can be lost if you’re not careful. Make sure to unload any of your unwanted junk and treasures whenever you visit the shops.

You could, of course, cheat your way to wealth. Use the Valheim cheat codes to spawn in rare items or coinage at your leisure. But really, just play the game.

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