How to get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2

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During the Dawning 2021 event, players will need to complete recipes for different cakes and cookies for each NPC in the game. We have a useful guide with all the Dawning 2021 recipes. If you want to do some more farming, there are plenty more items to be made. To make these items, you need to spend time in pretty much every activity in the game. There are more than 20 recipes to make, and each one requires two ingredients, and 15 Essence of Dawning. Some ingredients are pretty common and easy to obtain. Others, like Flash of Inspiration, are not so easy to get your hands on.

How to farm Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2

Since you need the Flash of Inspiration for a few recipes, you will need to farm at least two of them. This is one of the more complex items during the event to farm. You need to make Candy Dead Ghosts for Spider. And then you need to craft Traveler Donut Holes for Ikora. Candy Dead Ghosts uses Dark Ether Cane as well. You also need Cabal Oil for the Donut Holes.

You can only acquire the Flash of Inspiration ingredient by generating Orbs of Power and then grabbing them, then taking out foes. If you want to speed up farming for other ingredients, bring a Masterwork weapon and aim for multikills. This is a good way to both get Orbs of Power and charge Supers. Doing all three of these actually covers several other ingredients beyond Flash of Inspiration.

Eva’s Oven can be found as part of the first quest. Eva can be found in the main courtyard area in the Tower. You need to visit her to start the event. From there, you can find the holiday oven which actually bakes the treats. Speak to Eva Velante to unlock the Dawning Oven 2.1. From that point on, you can access the oven directly from the Quests tab, via the Dawning Oven 2.1 option.

If you’re struggling to get enough Essence, there’s a great exploit for Essence of Dawning you can use.

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