How to get Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite

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The Aeos Emporium is a pretty fun place in Pokémon Unite. You can go there to get fashion accessories for your character and their Pokémon to help them look their best. There are so many premium and free customization options you can mess with. When you want to outfit your Trainer with some new threads, this is where you go. Sometimes, you don’t want to pay for stuff though, that’s where Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite come in.

How to get Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite

Fashion Tickets are one of Pokémon Unite’s specialized currencies, used only in the Fashion Ticket Exchange. These are different from the Aeos Tickets, as the Fashion Tickets cannot be obtained through normal play. By default, the game won’t give you any for winning matches. Sure, you can still play with your friends, but there are other ways to get Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite. There are two primary ways to get some Fashion Tickets. although both rely on RNG.

The missions with the Aeos Research Insitute are your first stop. When you load the tab up, you will see a list of tasks. Each time, these randomly generated missions have their own rewards—how you complete them is up to you. Stopping by this tab and checking the missions should be your first job when hunting for Fashion Tickets. You can purchase Trainer Fashion items within the Aeos Emporium and that will give you some tickets. You can use these for extra free items.

The second way to get Fashion Tickets is through Energy Rewards,  These are the premium loot boxes in the MOBA. That means you have to rely pretty heavily on RNG to get a good roll. The odds of hitting that 20 Fashion Ticket bundle are pretty low. You could go through dozens of boxes and see no bundles.

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