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How to get Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe – Everything to know about Debt Bonds

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Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe are the rarest of the Debt Bonds found inside Fortuna. As you complete bounties—and turn in resources and credits—you can earn more of these bonds, as well as some Standing. This process of grinding out resources is pretty important, as you need to do it to access the higher-end Bounties and content. There are five basic levels of Debt Bonds, and you can then use these to unlock various ranks. These raw Bonds can also be turned in for 100 Standing per level. So Traning Debt Bonds will reward 100 Standing, whereas Familial Debt Bonds give 500.

  • Training Debt Bond
  • Shelter Debt Bond
  • Medical Debt Bond
  • Advances Debt Bond
  • Familial Debt Bond

Each rank within Fortuna requires you to turn in a certain amount of bonds to get to that next rank. Check the list below for what items are needed for each rank. Not every rank needs a ton of Debt bonds but you will need to farm them, all the way up to the rare drops, to get to the max rank in Fortuna. You can also engage in mining and fishing to farm Standing, but you will also need to bonds listed below.

  • Outworlder – 13 Training
  • Rapscallion – 12 Training, 15 Shelter
  • Doer – 10 Training, 15 Shelter, 13 Medical
  • Cove – 12 Shelter, 10 Medical, 13 Advances
  • Old Mate – 12 Medical, 12 Advances, 10 Familial

How to get Familial Debt Bonds

All Debt Bonds are given as rewards for completing bounties in the Fortuna open-world zone. You need to complete bounties for Eudico and you will get Bonds based on the level of the completed Bounty. Obviously, the tougher the bounty, the better the reward.  Familial Debt Bonds can drop from  Tier 5 Bounties, based entirely on the phase you’re in within the mission. Here are the tiers that each Bounty has, and what Bonds you can get:

  • Training Debt Bond – Tier 1
  • Shelter Debt Bond – Tier 2
  • Medical Debt Bond – Tier 3
  • Advances Debt Bond – Tier 4
  • Familial Debt Bond – Tier 5
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The drop chances for the Bonds in each phase go down the deeper you get into the mission. So as you work through a phase within each Tier of bounty, you have differing drop chances based on what phase you end the mission in.

  • Stage 1 – 25%
  • Stage 2 – 16%
  • Stage 3 – 16%
  • Stage 4 – 14%
  • Stage 5 – 0%

These drop rates mean that getting to stage three and finishing the bounty, then you just repeat the bounty to farm items and drops.  Familial Debt Bonds can also be gained from the Profit-Taker Heist by getting to Stage 4 and completing that one. That run will give you 1 of these rare bonds.


You can also trade for these items. Familiar Debt Bonds can also be purchased from Ticker at Fortuna. Ticker can be found on the first floor, above the Business. Head up from the main spawn point to find him. Ticker will automatically refresh his inventory every few minutes. So check out his stocks often.

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