How to Get Exiled In BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

There are 172 achievements in BitLife, and many of them can be hard to figure out. Getting Exiled in BitLife might be the path you want to take in life. It can be a lot to handle the pressure sometimes, especially if you’re part of the upper-crust of society in this digital world. Getting Exiled in BitLife isn’t what you think it is though. You need to be part of a very specific society to get this done. The process hinges on being part of a royal family, so let’s get that done.

The easiest way to do that would be to be born into it. You can also marry into it if you get very lucky. Either way, you need to be lucky at some point, whether it’s making your character or in love. So once you’re part of the royal family, it’s time to cause some problems. Since your goal is to get kicked out, that means you need to make yourself a continued problem.

There’s another challenge to do with the royalty this week. The King to Kingpin Challenge!

How To Get Exiled In BitLife

Like many other things in the game, BitLife tracks your respect within your royal family as a bar. If the Royal bar is fully green in your stats, you’re at max respect, To get thrown out, you need to get that bar down to zero. You need to continually engage in nuisances and disrespect the people around you. Committing petty crimes is a good way to accomplish this. Although you may get arrested for doing it, so there are other ways to go about the issue.

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Look in the Activities tab, and you will notice a Famous option. This has many different options you can undertake, with one of them being to pose nude for a magazine. This is a surefire way to lower your respect in your family, and is a fast ticket to exile. Do this enough times, and you will find yourself tossed out. The biggest upside is that you basically steal a bunch of cash on the way out, leaving you with as much as $20 million in exile. You could also commit murders and do any other unpopular crimes to get exiled from the royal family.

Completing this task should earn you the Napolean achievement, assuming you don’t already have it.

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