How to get Cat Fangs in Green Hell

How to Start a Fire in Green Hell

Green Hell being a survival game brings all the typical trappings to the gameplay. You will need to find and cook food, and that means fire. These jungle environs are not too hospitable, so you want to find a way to light your path to survival. You also need to gather supplies to make weapons and other tools. And beyond the basic items, there’s tons of hidden stuff to find. The game is positively full of hidden items that actually help the player with their survival.

As you explore the game world, things will be very apparent, namely that there’s a lot of crafting. There are many different items you can find in the game, as well as a mountain of weapons and gear to craft. Players will have to hunt for plants, meat and more in order to survive. When you encounter some of the beasts and other enemies, they offer plenty of challenge. And in some cases, they give the player some pretty cool rewards. One item that a lot of players seem confused about getting is the Cat Fangs.

How to get Cat Fangs in Green Hell

The one way added to the game so far to get Cat Fangs in Green Hell is to harvest them from Jaguars or Pumas. Of course, you’re going to need some good weapons to do this. The best way to take down a Jaguar or Puma is to hit it at range, You can use bows or spears pretty reliably for this. You really don’t want to have to use melee weapons unless you have to. You will get ripped to shreds by the claws on these beasts if you’re not careful. So, that means you want to make a few spears and arrows the deal damage from range instead.

Now, with the fangs in our possession, we can get to crafting. Currently, in survival and story mode, the cat fangs has no use. However, they do make a nice trophy. You will need a few items to make it all work. The mold to craft metal fangs is unlocked once you have collected all legend stones for the craftsman legend quest. Once that’s done you need to use 1x Empty Mold, 1x Melted Iron Ore and 1x Cat Fangs to make the mold.

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