How to get bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer


An adventure built around exploration and experimentation, Spiritfarer has a lot to offer. There are many mysteries to uncover and items to build. The game also features a robust cooking and trading system for unlocking hidden stuff. There are many recipes in Spiritfarer. Some of them use some quite difficult to obtain ingredients.

How to get bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer

One of the more rare ingredients for certain items is the bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer. This item is a special one. Bottled Ectoplasm is gathered from the event triggered from Stanley’s pet beetle, Jacob. During the event, Dust Shades will hop quickly around the ship and the player must catch them with their tools. Capturing enough Shades will give you some ectoplasm.

The first batch is unlocked by completing a certain questline. You need to be able to unlock the full Stanley questline, which means you’re going fishing. You need to be able to complete a certain amount of fishing before you can speak to Stanley. This process involves collecting Seeds from Francis, the Mysterious Trader. You must then return to Stanley and hand over the seeds. You then need to work through the Stanley events.

To actually get the fishing to spawn the Mysterious Seed, you need to have already completed escorting four spirits to the Everdoor.

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Uses for Bottled Ectoplasm

Bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer is primarily used for various upgrade blueprints. You need a few doses of it, as there are multiple upgrades you can unlock.

Improvement Cost
Beverly’s Farmhouse Improvement Binders
  • 3 Ash Plank
  • 5 Bottled Ectoplasm
  • 3 Glass
  • 350 Glim
Chicken Coop Improvement
  • 14 Ash Plank
  • 12 Wool Fabric
  • 4 Zinc Ingot
  • 5 Bottled Ectoplasm
  • 450 Glim
Cellar (First Copy)
  • 20 Linen Fabric
  • 3 Comet Rock
  • 10 Bottled Ectoplasm
Cellar Improvement
  • 12 Silk Fabric
  • 7 Bottled Ectoplasm
  • 1 Hematite
  • 795 Glim

The Mist Cleaner 1000 also uses it. This boat upgrade is pretty handy for travel. Here’s what you need.

  • 8 Silver Ore
  • 22 Silk Fabric
  • 8 Bottled Ectoplasm
  • 6 Crystal Glass Sheet
  • 3 Spirit Flower
  • 3000 Glim
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