How to get Balanced Flavors in Destiny 2

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Baking festive treats for the Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2 is a big part of the new event. The Dawning is back in Destiny 2, which means it is time to bury every NPC in the game under a candy mountain. And you don’t have a magical unicorn to help you out. The Dawning 2021 recipes are very similar to previous runs of the event. Players must gather new items and then put them in a special oven to bake tasty items.

How to get Balanced Flavors in Destiny 2

Common materials like Dark Ether Cane are obtained by killing enemies that belong to a specific faction, but these are a bit different. The Balanced Flavors and Sharp Flavors are a bit different. When it comes to rare ingredients like this one, it’s important to remember that each one has a specific requirement to obtain it. Players must defeat opponents with Bows, Sniper Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Pulse Rifles for Balancing Flavors. This means you have plenty of weapon options to use.

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Any fast-firing weapon is great for this. YOu can use any rifle that can rip through enemies. Combining this with a PvE God Roll that uses Outlaw or Kill Clip is awesome for farming this. It’s probably one of the easiest ones to get done for Dawning 2021.

Hot Crossfire Buns are used with Ether Cane, so grab some of those, then take them over to Ada-1. You also need to make Bittersweet Biscotti with Dark Ether Cane for Crow.

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