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How to get back to Rogue Harbor in Path of Exile

POE 3.12 Path of Exile: Heist Announced

If you’re new to Path of Exile, you may have missed the Heist League, and it’s new mechanics, the Rogue Harbor. These incredibly tough infiltration missions are meant to test players skills in POE, as the enemies you face here will be much tougher than anything else in the game when you first encounter them.

The Heists in this mechanic are their own unique mini-game in POE. You need to take the time to plan your capers and organize your crew. You will also need to upgrade their gear and create new tools to make more advanced jobs easier. It’s a very advanced mini-game, and it’s meant to be challenging.

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Anyway, on with the Rogue Harbor. To get started, you need Rogue’s Markers. You will first find these as loot drops in Act 6. You will also notice Kurai, a new NPC in that Act’s Town, Lioneye’s Watch. Talk to her to be introduced to the Heist mechanic. She will introduce you to the team and ask you to undergo a basic Heist to get familiar with how things work.

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You can leave the zone by talking to The Gondolier near your spawn point in the zone. But how do you get back there once you leave?

How to get back to Rogue Harbor in Path of Exile

We won’t waste your time and we’ll tell you how to get there straight away. Here’s how to get back to Rogue Harbor:

  • Have Rogue’s Markers in your inventory.
  • When you’re in a safe zone, Right-click on the Markers in your inventory.
  • They can be used in a town or hideout to create a portal that will lead you back. Just Right-click and you’re good.

If you want a more detailed guide on this system, check our POE Heist Guide.

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