How to get an Ashen Key in Sea of Thieves

How to get an Ashen Key in Sea of Thieves

The treasure hunting of Sea of Thieves is a big part of the game. There are many different chests and loot caches in the game, one of the new ones is pretty cool, as it contains a new set of items and cosmetics, and it can also be traded for rep with various factions. Ashen Tomes, Ritual Skulls, Gold, and Doubloons can all be looted from Ashen Chests. And you will need to have an Ashen key to unlock a chest.

How to get an Ashen Key?

The best way to get an Ashen Key, find either an Emergent Skeleton Captain or Ashen Guardian on an Island. These will most often carry the item you’re after. The Ashen Guardian’s Notes Quest will often spawn these, and rewards an Ashen Chest for completion too. Players can also hit a Skeleton Fort Vault and get a Chest as well.

Completing the  Ashen Key Master’s Notes Quest will reward the players involved with an Ashen Key. Also, if you’re raiding with a group and sink the Captain’s Skeleton Ship at the end of a Skeleton Fleet, you get 2 keys. Raiding Skull Forts is also really good, although there is a ton of RNG involved. These are the most reliable methods if you’re running with a group.

You can also spend 99 Doubloons within the in-game cash shop to obtain the Ashen Key Stash Voyage. That’s not too advisable though as it costs real money.

Players who take on the Ashen Key-Seeker Mercenary voyages can also get easy access to it. Problem is, it’s just a limited-time quest. If it’s not active you need to go about another method. I would not recommend hunting the open waters for it though, as there’s way too much RNG involved and the reward you want is too hard to get. That Mastadon is the same way, just in case you were wondering.

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What is the Ashen Key used for?

The primary reason for getting an Ashen Key is to use it for a few unique chests in the game. Both Skeleton Ships and Krakens can drop the key and certain rewards it opens, but there’s a lot of randomness.

These chests are also a guaranteed reward for an Ashen Chest Stash Voyage, bought from the Black Market for 50 Doubloons or 65,000 Gold.

You can also sell the Ashen Key in Sea of Thieves to a few vendors for easy Doubloons and other rewards. Sell it to Larinna stationed in every Tavern for Bilge Rat Doubloons, for example. You may also redeem the key with the Reapers Bones for Doubloons and ranks in their Emissary, although the best rewards are gained after you’ve ground your way to Rank 5.

The following is the reward chart for sold Ashen Keys with Reapers Bones:

Emissary Grade Doubloons Emissary Value
No Emissary 5 0
I 5 900
II 6 1197
III 8 1503
IV 10 1800
V 12 2250
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