How to get a Submarine in BitLife

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

There are a ton of things you can do in BitLife. Every week, you can get a new challenge to complete. These are so weird sometimes as you need to fulfill strange requirements like owning a war machine. For some achievements and challenges, you need to own a Submarine in BitLife.  Here’s where to go to get one. Fair warning though, you need to be pretty wealthy in-game to afford it. You don’t need a boat license to buy the Submarine, but you will need it to take it out on the water.

Go into the boat dealer and check the stock. You can find this by going into the Assets tab and clicking Go Shopping. Look at the bottom for the boat dealer. The stock varies each year. If you don’t see the sub or something else you want, try restarting the app. Sometimes, this is a good way to reset the game without aging up. If you still can’t get the sub to spawn, try aging up.

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There are many different options that can spawn; from personal watercraft, to sailboats. There’s a very small chance to be able to buy a Submarine in BitLife.

This will be pretty expensive, but you will usually not be able to afford it. Unless you happen to have a very rich save on your hands. My social media star is in her 60’s. but is sitting on more than $30 million in cash, as well as millions in real estate and cars. I couldn’t get the Sub to spawn without aging a few times, and it cost more than $2 million for me.

Sadly, owning a Submarine in BitLife doesn’t mean you can declare war on your neighbors. As fun as it might be to bomb that crazy coworker with an ICBM, you don’t have that option, yet.

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