How to Get a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

How to learn and level skills in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has a great many skills and tools within its zombie apocalypse simulation. The wide array of skills offers many differing playstyles. You can be a trapper and hunter one game, and then a retired cop the next. Each start plonks you right into the collapse of society, and you have to survive. Usually, that means finding a safe place to hide and preparing for the undead onslaught. And once you survive that first wave, you need to dig in for the long haul. Building out your survival base can be an arduous task, but luckily you have some tools to help. One such tool is the Sledgehammer. Here’s how to get a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid and what to do with it.

Where to Find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

There are a few places you can look which have a higher chance of dropping one of these tools. The loot system for the game is pretty forgiving, and can be altered with mods. But in general terms, you need to look in the right place to find a certain item. Police Stations and Gun stores have tons of ammo and handguns. Markets have canned goods and foodstuffs. Any spot that has a bunch of tools in it has a chance to drop a sledge.

The best places to find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid are as follows:

  • Tool shops
  • Construction yards
  • Warehouses
  • Garden sheds
  • Industrial and commercial supply rooms

Out of these places, the warehouse crates are usually the best for finding tools, not just these hammers. The warehouses and tool sheds of the world will be a great place to look for anything to do with construction. You can find drills, wood, hammers, nails and so much more in those giant wooden crates common in these locations.

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Warehouses can also be a great base location. Head outside the city and you will find a few that are fenced in. The garage locations loaded with these wooden crates on the outside of town are relatively secure. They tend not to have too many zombies in them, and can be built into a base fairly easily.

Best place to find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

What to use the Sledgehammer for in Project Zomboid

The Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid can be useful for many different tasks. It can, of course, be used as a close-range weapon. But really, it should be used for construction. Being a two-handed tool, it packs quite the punch. You can smash many a zombie skull with it. The downside is that the same weight that makes it effective, also makes it hard to use. So instead of using it for combat, focus on expansion and exploration.

You can abuse the way Project Zomboid works with the ability to destroy walls and items. This consumes a ton of Stamina though, so you have to plan accordingly. Bust down some walls and build new ones to expand that new base of yours. The Sledge makes that so much faster. The sledgehammer is one of the most versatile tools in the game.

You can also use this while exploring. If you find yourself with a locked door, break it down. If that fails, go through the wall. As long as you have that trusty hammer, basically nothing stands in your way.

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