How to get a command block in Minecraft

How to get a command block in Minecraft

The command block in Minecraft, a newer addition that allows players to essentially program the Java-based game to do some really crazy things. Mojang has already allowed really technically skilled and creative gamers to craft everything from fully working calculators to giant robots with just simple redstone circuitry over, the years, but the command block is a whole different beast.

The command block in Minecraft is so versatile that clever and extensive use of the item has even allowed people to recreate full video games inside of the adventure game. The command blocks are so useful that one enterprising user even created a totally working version of the original Pokemon Red in the vanilla version of the game, which means they just used standard blocks, and tons of them.

To enter commands on the command block in Minecraft you need to enter the command into your chat box beginning with  ‘/’. The commands use the NBT, or Named Binary Tag, format which is the same as what the game itself uses to store data. The creation and effective use of custom maps and other projects with command blocks in Minecraft requires some coding knowledge to use effectively for this reason. The command blocks are also powered with a redstone signal, so it’s possible to integrate complex redstone circuitry as well.

Command blocks are a restricted item that cannot be normally crafted in large numbers. To summon a command block, you need to use the command “/give @p minecraft:command_block”.

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There are several different commands you can use once you have the blocks in your possession, so check out the list and start playing around. You never know what you might dream up.

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