How to get a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley

How to get a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that has a ton of crafting. There’s also a bunch of relationship building and other fun to be had. And with all of that comes this rather creative element too.

You can tweak your farm with a variety of different crops and items. Whether you want to be more creative or enterprising, there are plenty of options in Stardew Valley. The approach you choose to take when building your farm will depend on your farm layout. But from there, you’re pretty open in what you can do. When building out your infrastructure, one of the many crops you can invest in is honey.

Honey can be used to make mead, or sold directly. honey in Stardew Valley is a very helpful cottage industry. So here’s how to get a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley.

How to get a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley

First thing you need to do is build the thing that will house the colony. You need a few different items to build the beehives. Each set requires 40 pieces of Wood, eight pieces of Coal, one Iron Bar, and one jar of Maple Syrup. Once you have it built you can start placing it down and begin harvesting. One thing to note is that you can also finish the Fall Crops Bundle task to get it as well.

Now that you have a bee house, you, of course, want to produce honey. The bees will produce honey during any season except winter. During the winter months, they will remain dormant until spring starts up again. Every four days the bees will produce honey for you valued at 100g.

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Honey needs to be produced in a hive surrounded by flowers. Full grown flowers are a great addition as well. You need to plant flowers in the ground, as those placed in a Garden Pot will not have any impact on the honey. You need pollen to make the honey, and you’re going to have plenty of flowers.

You can plant flowers within five tiles of each beehive to make the price of the Honey even better. This makes the layout you use when dealing with a bee house and honey in Stardew Valley is very important. Having each set of hives set up in a line, with a full ring of flowers within the lines can make for some really creative layouts.

Set up your beehives with a maximum of five rows out from the center, with each line starting with flowers for a start. Use the prices below to determine what flowers to plant in each cell.

  • Tulips – 160g
  • Blue Jazz – 200g
  • Summer Spangle – 280g
  • Poppy – 380g
  • Sunflower – 260g
  • Fairy Rose – 680g

Honey is also pretty useful for building relationships. The bee house and honey is a great moneymaker, but it can also be given away as gifts for many NPCs. Which makes it all really useful for those looking to min-max.


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