How to gamble at the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons

Guide to Blacksmith Gambling in Minecraft Dungeons

Loot and treasure are pretty important in Minecraft Dungeons. There are two primary ways to get good loot in this game. You could spend tons of time grinding through mobs and farming drops, which is OK if you don’t mind the time investment. Some missions in the game can get some loot for you as well. But there’s another way, and it’s back at camp. When you return to base, you can gamble at the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons for more rewards. It’s not without its risks though. Here’s what to know about Blacksmith Gambling.

Guide to Blacksmith Gambling in Minecraft Dungeons

The Blacksmith is an NPC in the starting zone, or the Camp, of Minecraft Dungeons. You can get ransom items from them, but you need Emeralds. The gambling part comes in when you trade Emeralds, you get a completely random item in return. At the very least, the weapons will scale to your power level. That makes it sting a little less when you get a common item.

You can also get Unique from the Blacksmith, it seems very rare indeed. The gear you get is based on your power level, so there is one way to cheese it. Equipping your most powerful gear will mean that the Blacksmith will give you the best gear based on that rating. Don’t waste your Emeralds by redeeming them for junk gear you can’t use.

Unique Items are the best weapons and gear in Minecraft Dungeons. That means many folks will want some of them for the tougher content later in the game. The Blacksmith can drop any item in the game, and since that includes uniques, many players might feel tempted to gamble. But there are other ways to approach the problem.

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If you go to the Mission Select area in Camp, you can browse through all of the available levels for that playthrough. You can use these levels and farm the mobs there to get drops. There’s no way to guarantee Unique drops though, it’s all luck-based. Each form of basic item has a Unique variant of some kind. Farming these can be a great way to power up your character. So get out there and start slaying mobs.

While you’re farming for loot and gear, it’s helpful to know what you want, and where to get it. Say you’re looking for a diamond sword in the game, head to the right areas dropping swords. And if you want to target armor or weapons, each one has its own associated drop table. Head to the zone and start farming. Check out our guide on drop locations to find more info about where classes of item can drop from.

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