How to find the red gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake

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One of the first true puzzles in the new remake of Resident Evil 3 is getting the three colored gems to turn the subway power back on. Because it would not be an RE game without convoluted puzzles that make no sense. We already covered getting the green gem, which you will come across later in the game. The red gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake is the first of the three gems you’ll need to unlock the Railway puzzle. You don’t need the Bolt Cutters or the Lockpick to get this one.

Head into Moon’s Donuts after the cutscene opening up that path. Make sure to shoot the electrified red barrel on the way in to stun the crowd of zombies and get in. Head to the backroom, past the locked locker, and grab the Fancy Box from the pile of junk on the right. Examine the box in your inventory to get the red gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake.

On lower difficulties, there’s also some Gunpowder next to the wrecked car outside the donut shop. Some more Gunpowder can be found inside the diner on one of the tables. You will have to circle back to the subway via a long route that carries you through the drug store, so it may be advisable to drop the red gem into the item box to be plucked out later once you get back to the subway safehouse.

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