How to find the Legendary Ruddy Moose in Red Dead Online

How to find the Legendary Ruddy Moose in Red Dead Online

The Legendary Ruddy Moose is the newest hunting challenge in the RDO section of the game. According to Rockstar, the Legendary Ruddy Moose is hiding out in Tall Trees. That’s just outside of Blackwater in West Elizabeth. Before starting the mission, make sure you have a decent rifle and plenty of ammo on hand. Having to take down the Moose alone is quite the ammo sink, but you will also have some enemies to shoot down as well.

You’re going to need to head to Harriet once again to pick up the mission. The new hunt should be listed in the UI once you visit the NPC. Players will then be led to the new legendary animal tracks once they accept the quest. The mission will transport you to the required area once they trigger the quest. Just head over to the yellow marker to begin. Players will be treated to a short cutscene then the chase begins.

Don’t worry about the poachers unless they get close. If you spend too much time killing the poachers, you can lose the moose. You will want to have your horse nearby to chase after the moose. Having to run after the moose will take too long. If you do lose the moose, don’t worry. It’s not a random encounter this time, you just have to wait out the reset timer.

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The Legendary Ruddy Moose quest resets about once every 45 minutes. If you fail to grab it or want to run it again, just head back to Harriet after that time has elapsed and the option should be there.

Once you’ve claimed the prize, bring the carcass and skin back to Gus. You can get him to craft a variety of items with it.

Players can also earn a bunch of in-game rewards for playing over the next week. So be sure to login and get hunting.

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