How to find the blue gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake

Where to find the Red Dot Sight in Resident Evil 3 Remake

One of the first true puzzles in the new remake of Resident Evil 3 is getting the three colored gems as part of the quest to turn the subway power back on. Because it would not be an RE game without convoluted puzzles that make no sense. We already covered getting the green gem, which you will come across later in the game. The red gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake is the first of the three gems you’ll need to unlock the Railway puzzle. Now it’s on to the blue gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake.

Be aware that you will need the Bolt Cutters to access this gem. The first set of locked doors near the subway station is your goal. The blue gem is inside the supermarket across from Toy Uncle. Once you’ve gotten through the story to the point that you claimed both the red gem and the bolt cutters, head back this way. Once you crack open the doors, the fancy box is on the counter just inside. There is also some High-grade Gunpowder on one of the shelves too. A First Aid Spray can be found on another shelf in the room as well.

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Blue Jewel Location in RE3

Be careful when coming out of the market, a zombie will pop out of a nearby cop car. Take it out and claim the Handgun Ammo he was guarding. Once you have the blue gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake and trade it in, you can unlock a Tactical Stock for the M3 shotgun. You can turn in all of the gems at the Clock monument within the subway station.

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