How to find synthetic creatures in No Man’s Sky

How to find synthetic creatures and robots in No Man’s Sky

The new Origins Update to No Man’s Sky has landed, bringing the game to version 3.0, and adding a ton of features. Some new synthetic creatures in No Man’s Sky were introduced in the Origins 3.0 update to add some new flair to planets. These new beasts were added in a collaboration with sci-fi Sony hit Horizon: Zero Dawn. Now the game has plenty of new life forms that bring robotic lifeforms all over the universe. These synthetic creatures take a variety of forms, often looking like four-legged creatures.

There’s no set way to guarantee a spawn for the new robots though, although finding them does have some incentives. Players will get new objectives for discovering them, as well as resources for doing so. There are also mostly passive forms, so those of you wishing to avoid conflict should be fine if you’re not aggressive. You still have to watch out for the waves of Sentinel forms. These robotic monsters will spawn to protect native flora and fauna if you’re too disruptive.

Attached to this update is also a bunch of tweaks to existing mechanics. There are new NPCs and missions to interact with inside the game too.

According to a screenshot that user Alessio1607 shared on Reddit, these new creatures have some very strange and dangerous-looking aesthetics. It’s assumed that each creature is somewhat unique to the planet that they are found on. Whenever you find a structure or outpost on a planet, be on the lookout for these threatening creatures. It appears that they can be encountered on any planet you may land on.

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When you find one, make sure to mark the discovery as these discoveries can be traded in for a bunch of rewards. While you’re out hunting some of these new synthetic creatures in No Man’s Sky,  try out some of the new content. The new reworks to Multi-tool upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg.

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