How to find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2

How to find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2

So with all of the new content in Destiny 2 this week, there are some new quests to take on.  Along with the Moments of Triumph and Pyramid Ships flying around, players have new gear to farm for.

The weekly reset has brought in the new Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2. These are used to complete the questline related to Altered Energy and will be highly sought after by many players. Trouble is, the spawns are all over the place. There is one detail that’s crucial, in that Calcified Light Fragments can only be found inside Main Patrol zones. This means you won’t need to load into a Strike to find them. When you land of any of the planets where these items are found, you will need to go hunting for them.

Where to Find Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2

There are a total of 25 Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2 scattered across Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury. These can be found as little blue markers scattered around each planet.  There are five on each planet, except for Io, which has 10 in total. Land on each of these planets to begin your search.

When you get there, pull out your Ghost and get going. The Ghost will track the locations and place HUD markers for you to follow, making the process a bit easier. Follow these diamonds to discover the location of each Light fragment and interact with it to claim it. There may be some locations where you need to use your vehicle to get around, so keep that in mind. Although Io is the only map large enough where this should be a problem. Just drive around and periodically pull out your Ghost to get your bearings and check each area for Light Fragments as you go.

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We included visual aids to help with locating the Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2. Check those out below.

Calcified Light on Titan

Calcified Light on Io

Calcified Light on Mars

Calcified Light on Mercury

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