How to find and use mint chunks in Grounded

How to find and use mint chunks in Grounded

Mint chunks are a viable resource in Grounded. They’re used for a bunch of powerful items and are something you eventually want to find and make use of. The best use for these resources is some very powerful armor that’s great for farming tough enemies. The best use of the Mint Chunks is to make the Mint Mallet, the level 3 hammer in Grounded.

You need to find the giant Ice Caps Mint Container to harvest mint chunks in Grounded. You need to find the container first. This will eventually be found as you adventure around the map during the story. It’s very easy to spot, as it’s a giant plastic container. The Ice Caps Mint Container is a landmark near the first science lab on the map.

Once you’ve found the Mint container, start whacking it with your Hammer. You need a level 2 hammer to break open the container. This is known as the Insect Hammer and requires four stinkbug parts, four berry leather, and one boiling gland to craft.

Take one of the mint chunks back to your base and scan it to unlock some new recipes. You will need a few of them to craft a few different recipes, so grab as many as you can carry.

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This is one of just many different items that can be found or crafted in the game. You will want to rush for the Tier II tools for a start. You will need to hunt Ladybugs, Spiders and other bugs to find the parts you need for them as well. To craft these items you will also need a Workbench. The next goal you should take on is building a house and setting your respawn points.

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