How to find a Unicorn in BitLife

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Mobile sim BitLife is really strange sometimes. As the developers add more and more content to the game, things keep getting crazier. There is a whole host of random events that make life more interesting in the digital age for you as well. Not only can you do things like becoming an airline pilot, but you can even get into hunting mythical creatures, sort of. One of the random encounters involves encountering a unicorn in BitLife, yes I’m serious. Here’s what we know about this magical experience.

How to find a Unicorn in BitLife

To find a Unicorn in BitLife, you really just need to get lucky. There’s no way to force the random encounter, and it appears to be a little on the rare side of things. So even if you spend a lot of time playing, there’s no way to guarantee a spawn of one via the random events that happen in the game. It also doesn’t appear to be stat dependent either, there just seems to be a lot of luck involved.

You can cheese the game a little bit by altering the settings to say you age up in half the time, although that might not be as fun for you.

Whatever you do, just keep living your life and aging up as normal via the in-game prompt. When you do, there’s a small chance that you will get a random encounter, and an even smaller chance that there’s a Unicorn.

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When you finally encounter one, you will be prompted with four different options: Run for my life, Retreat slowly, Take it to the shelter, and Keep it as a pet. You can choose pretty much anything you want. You can scare it away as well, but who doesn’t want a pet unicorn? Whatever you do, it’s entirely up to you. If you’re roleplaying a grump, they might not want to deal with the hassle of magical poop cleaning, don’t worry that was a joke, there’s no cleaning of poop.

When you do get it though, you will have a magical friend for life. You can even take care of it and have it live longer than you. Just make sure to feed and care for the beast to keep it happy. If you do well, maybe you can have it join your digital family.

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