How to file a lawsuit in BitLife (and win)

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If you’re trying to complete the Karen Challenge, you might be having trouble with some tasks. One of the tougher ones for some people is getting enough lawsuits. But with this guide and our tips, you can knock this challenge out in no time. The various weekly challenges are just one reason people file these suits though, you can also make plenty of cash if you do it right.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to do this. First, start by understanding what reasons in the game you can file a lawsuit for. There are a few different reasons you can file a lawsuit in BitLife, let’s talk about that.

How to file a lawsuit in BitLife

You can file a lawsuit in BitLife for any of the following reasons:

  • Being fired from a company for any reason
  • Receiving bad plastic surgery
  • Being assaulted by someone
  • Getting cheated on by a spouse

The more dangerous ones like getting assaulted, or having bad plastic surgery, can easily kill a character. You don’t want that if you’re trying to complete some challenges in the game. That means that you should aim for something safer. There’s still a lot you can do even when avoiding getting hurt. This means that the best way to file and win a lawsuit in BitLife is to get fired from your job. Every time you get fired, you can visit a law firm and file a suit.

You could also go the marriage route, but it just takes longer. You can make enemies with a lot of people as well, as provoking them by insulting them can sometimes force them to attack you. It’s a very risky proposition though. Whatever you decide to do, let’s make sure you can win the suit.

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How to win a lawsuit in BitLife

When you actually do file the suit, you can do a few things to improve your chances of winning. Having a good lawyer is step number one. This is why you want to have a good bit of money saved up if you can, as hiring a pricey law firm can greatly improve your odds of winning the suit. Also, keep in mind the suit you’re fighting. You’re much more likely to win a surgery malpractice suit than a wrongful termination one from your old boss. Having a solid case as a starter, then pairing it with a good law firm, can greatly improve your odds.

Asking for a reasonable amount in damages is another way to ensure success. Regardless of what option you choose to get the suit, don’t go for too much money. Asking for basically your legal fees to be paid back is a good start if you’re unsure of your chances of success. That way once you win the suit, you can just go right into the next one.

The outcome of the suit is still dependent on RNG, at least a bit, so you may still lose if you’re incredibly unlucky. If you do get the win though, hang around a bit. If you did things right, you should be in for a decent payday. Repeat some of methods above for getting another suit going and collect your next payday. And you will be the prime Karen in no time.

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