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How to farm Volnus Prime Relics in Warframe

How to get Gara Prime, Astilla Prime, and Volnus Prime Relics in Warframe

It’s time for another Prime Access batch of Relics in Warframe. Volnus Prime Relics are joined by a set of other Prime Relics, Gara Prime is in the mix, offering a powerful new Warframe to do missions with. And as usual, you need to farm specific missions to get them all. Knowing which missions to hit is key, hence this guide. These Relics will be vaulted at some point. And when that happens, they no longer drop in-game. That means it’s bad news if you don’t farm them yourself now, as you will have to trade for them with Platinum later.

Here’s how to get Volnus Prime Relics in Warframe. You could purchase the Warframe via Prime Access, but where’s the fun in that?

What Are The Volnus Prime Relics?

There are three that you need to build the new item for your ever-expanding armory.

  • Blueprint – Meso Z4 – Common
  • Volnus Prime Head – Axi I1 – Uncommon
  • Handle – Neo V10 – Rare

Use the following recommendations for farming each of the Relic types. Just like any other Relic, there are good and bad ways to farm these too. Volnus Prime Relics drop from many of the same rotations as other previous iterations of this mechanic. Players will have to put in some grinding though, as this is not a sure drop for every type of Relic. Some Relics have better drop chances compared to others. Orokin Void missions are usually the best, so we’ll focus on those.

Here are each of the missions you want to farm for each relic type in this update:

  • Lith – Hepit in the Void. This Void Capture mission always drops Lith Relics, with it now being in the potential options. New players also have a better chance to get the Lith from Olympus on Mars. You will have to deal with the more challenging Disruption mission-type, but it’s opened much sooner in the Star Chart compared to T1 Void.
  • Meso – Io on Jupiter. A Defense mission, With the Meso Relics being a good option after 10 waves. Complete 10 waves per mission and bounce, do it again to get as many Relics as you want. You can also go for Ukko the T3 Void Capture mission if you can farm it quickly. The latter of these two has less of a drop chance for Meso Relics, but fast runs make up for that.
  • Neo – Xini on Eris. The A rotation of this mission drops a guaranteed Neo Relic, being an Interception mission, you’re going to do best in pairs or squads here. You can also do Ukko the T3 Void Capture here as well, as it has the same drop chance as Meso.
  • Axi – Xini on Eris. The B and C rotations on this Interception will drop an Axi Relic. This area allows you to farm Neo and Axi relics at the same time. Apollo on Lua is an option as well, defending all four nodes in a map guarantees an Axi drop. An Axi every five minutes is possible with a good squad.
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After you have done the farming, check the resources needed in the inventory menu. Get the resources together first before you start building, as it will take some time to build. If you want a full guide on cracking Void Relics, we have that handy. Now get out there and score some new weapons.

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