How to farm Umbral Traces in Destiny 2

In the Face of Darkness guest guide – Destiny 2

You will need Umbral Traces in Destiny 2 to partake in a variety of activities in the new Season of Arrivals. Taking part in farming the resource will be part of various quest chains. Both the Means to an End and the In The Face of Darkness questlines will need various resources as you run them. This resources is being used to herd players into engaging with various types of content.

And the target of this herding is around three certain game modes:

  • Weekly Nightfalls
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Crucible Control

You have to play these three events to farm Umbral Traces in Destiny 2. So the Nightfall is for the PvE players out there. Specifically, aim for the Ordeal and Nightmare Hunts if you want the best returns. You will find the Ordeal hunts via the Vanguard section of the Director. If you want to engage with the Nightmare hunts, these are on the Moon.

PvP-focused players will want to head for the Crucible: Control playlist. This game mode rotates through a variety of different maps, and taking down enemies will earn you Umbral Traces. This is also the best way to get the Season’s newest exotic, the Witherhoard. The powerful grenade launcher has a massive AoE and is really useful for mobs of enemies.

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It’s also a very good idea to stop off at Zavala or Shaxx to grab bounties between runs too. The bounties often tie into completing various objectives which can be done in these three modes. Players looking to maximize the impact of this farming would do well to remember that. This is also a good way to earn ranks in the Season Pass.

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